Smack Talks SummerMadness 7&8, The Business Of URLTV, And His Favorite New BattleRappers

Terrell Blair interviews Smack as he Talks about his Levels of Longevity in the Rap BattleWorld. He Elaborate about how he managed to Keep the Culture going on the Rap Battle Scene As well as the Overall Hip Hop Culture. Talks about Introducing Summer Madness 7 To a New State with is Las Vegas as well as Introducing Summer Madness 8 in United Kingdom (London). In Regards to Picking the Bill For each Battle Event, he says that he definetly takes suggestions from his Fan Base as well as his team. He Also, Expounds on the Topic of Business and how at times Just because they See your Brand moving, people don’t Understands that at times he takes lost but follow up consistently to feeling in that Hole.

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